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Belfast International Airport main stay car park

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About the Main Stay Car Park at Belfast International Airport

This is an on airport car park that is next to the terminal. Transfers are not necessary, as it is so close. It is aimed at business travellers and those taking a short break, and is more expensive than the long stay car park.

According to the airport it is "ideal for those business and short break passengers. Perfect for those passengers wanting to park for a few days at most". You can book this car park via FHR, Holiday Extras and BCP.

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Address: Main Stay Car Park, Belfast International Airport, Belfast, BT29 4AB.

Directions: The airport entrance is clearly marked off the A57 on the left hand side of the road. Follow signs for the Main Stay car park which is adjacent to the terminal.

Transfers to / from airport: The car park is adjacent to the terminal building, literally a couple of minutes walk. Transfers are not necessary as car park is on airport.

Arrival Procedure: The car park has automatic number plate recognition. Drive up to the barrier and wait for the machine to read your number plate. It will print a ticket with your registration number on. Then drive in and park. If after 10 seconds the machine hasn't given you a ticket, press the help button to speak to a member of staff.

Departure Procedure: Drive to the barrier and put your ticket in the slot. If the barrier doesn't lift, press the help button to speak to a member of staff.

Number of spaces: 1500

Opening Periods: 365 days a year

Weekender Specials: No

Security MeasuresPatrols by dedicated security team 24 hours a day. CCTV, high fencing, entry / exit barriers, Park Mark.

Is undercover parking available? No