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Blackpool Airport Parking

Click here to go to our price comparison page, where you enter your dates once and compare prices for every Blackpool Airport Car Park from 5 different suppliers on one page for guaranteed cheapest parking. You could save up to 70%.

About Parking at Blackpool Airport

A £10 per passenger 'airport development fee' was introduced by Blackpool Airport in 2009. Included as part of this charge, parking for up to 15 days in its car park is free.

The choice of car parking at Blackpool Airport is limited - there is an on airport long stay that is a short walk from the terminal. For more information on this car park, click on the links on the left.

Compare prices

Click to go to our airport parking price comparison page or go down this page to compare prices for parking at Blackpool Airport. The tables below compare the cost of booking via the airport website with booking via a consolidator - for the same car park.

You can click on the name of the company in the table to jump to that website to book car parking, or click on the link above to compare prices for your dates.

Below the price comparison tables we also have a guide to getting the cheapest UK Airport parking.

You can also book over the telephone:
- with BCP on 0871 360 2976
- with Holiday Extras on 0871 360 2110

Parking for a 14 day holiday (15 days parking)*

BCP parking £52.44
Holiday Extras £55.20
Booked via the airport £55.50

Parking for 28 days

BCP parking £81.30
Holiday Extras £85.60
Booked via the airport £116.60
** prices correct on page publish date.

How to find Cheap UK Airport Car Parking

If you are looking for a cheap car parking at Blackpool Airport, you need to follow these simple steps:


If you need parking for more than 15 days (remember up to 15 days is free), to get the best rate on your parking you should always book in advance. If you drive up to the airport car park without having booked you pay the 'gate price', which is up to 3 times higher than the best pre-book price.

To get the cheapest rate you should book more than 30 days in advance but less than 60 days.

Compare prices

Five websites plus the airport website offer the cheapest parking. But which one offers the best deal varies by length of stay, when you book and also when you are travelling, so you should compare prices every time you need airport car parking. You can use our airport car parking price comparison page to quickly compare costs for your dates.