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Long Stay Price Buster Liverpool Airport

Quick guide: this is the lowest cost on airport long stay car park. It within the airport grounds, a short walk from the terminal building and is 'self park' (you keep your keys). It tends to be non cancellable / changeable. Book via APH, Holiday Extras, BCP and Purple:

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Address: Liverpool Airport, L24 1YD

Directions: The long stay car park is opposite the terminal. Once you are in the vicinity of the airport, follow signs for Long Stay. The Long Stay Car Park can be accessed by turning left on the roundabout when approaching the airport terminal.

Transfers to / from airport: within walking distance of the terminal

Arrival Procedure: You should take a copy of your booking confirmation with you. The car park has automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). Wait at the entry barrier while the camera reads your number plate. Do not press the button for a ticket - the machine will give you one automatically once it has recognised your number plate, and the barrier will lift. If the machine does not give you a ticket, press the intercom button so you can speak to a member of staff, giving them your booking details.

Departure Procedure: You do not need to go to the pay machines in the terminal. Drive to the exit barrier and put your ticket into the slot - the barrier will lift automatically. If it does not, press the intercom button so you can speak to a member of staff, giving them your booking details.

Number of spaces: 800

Opening Periods: 365 days a year

Weekender Specials: No

Security Measures: 24 hour patrols, CCTV, barrier, Park Mark.

Insurance: Parking is at owners risk and subject to the terms and conditions of the car park.